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With the Rift getting delayed for everyone, we've been playing The Division to help pass the time! I managed to put together a pretty nice build that reminds me a bit of my Jedi Sentinel crit heal build from SWTOR.

Chest: 2 mod slots. Mask: 1 mod slot.DZ 05-06 in Gear Score bracket 201-230 will now have a chance to drop Gear Score 229 High Ends and 268 Gear Sets. Dark Zone chests now scale better with the Gear Score bracket and the named zone you are in. The Division Underground DLC now available for Xbox One and… Chest: 2 mod slots. Mask: 1 mod slot.Dark Zone chests now scale better with the Gear Score bracket and the named zone you are in. Loot Changes. The High-Risk High-Value Targets have had their rewards and difficulty adjusted to take into account the Gear Score increase. The Division Gear Attribute Sheet Slots in with any equipped Gear Set item to fulfill a requirement towards unlocking a Gear Sets bonus.Talent: Reclaimer - Support station gains the benefit of the Life Support, Immunizer and Ammo Cache mods at the same time. Current Best in Slot - Gears and Weapons - Cheat Sheet -… In the mod slots you want to be using Stamina mods with armour to get you to the 65% mark, after that either go for firearms or skill power. Try and tailor your gear main stats so that you have roughly 80K +/- 10K Stamina, and 250K+ firearms. 20K+ skill power is also possible if you manage to roll very...

Need help W/Gear that has 2+ Mod Slots. Tom Clancy's The ...

Exotics / Items / The Division Zone 2019-5-16 · Exotic Items (previously known as Named Gear Items) are very rare items in The Division and named after special characters like Named Bosses.They have been introduced with Update 1.5, 6 in total – respectively one for each gear slot – and have, similar to High Ends, a unique Talent assigned. There are also a couple of Exotic Weapons available in the game.

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Slot Stat Guide - The Division Wiki Each gear mod slot can grant ~140 with a random major attribute, including 1.5% crit chance, which deals massive damage in a short moment. Failing to prioritize your gear mods over other major attributes can make you "lose out" on ~1k stat points and ~11% crit chance, dropping your potential DPS by a good amount of points. Vest with +3 Mod Slots | Forums - Page 2

Mod slots also comes with the armor in the same 3 categories. Within each category, they are split into either system or protocol. The two have their own pool of stats that it comes in. Mods are the pieces that go into these mod slots.

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