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Single Slot Desk Mount Dock with Spare Battery Charging Slot. High-Retention USB-R Type B (client only) and an RS232 port. DataLogic Memor 10 Mobile Computers | Memor 10 Mobile Computers by DataLogic | Datalogic | Downloads You can download all the collaterals you may need. Images, Manuals, Data Sheets, Brochures, Software & Utilities and many others Nabíjecí kolébka, Nakupte Vaše oblíbené značky online

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Datalogic Memor X3 Single Slot Dock Instructions Page: 1 The Memor X3 Single Slot Dock paired with one Memor X3 mobile computer builds a reading system for.The communication between the mobile computer and host PC through the Memor X3 Single Slot Dock. may occur also by using the standard ActiveSync® connection. MemorX3 “Single Dock” refers to the Memor X3 Single Slot Dock. The label artworks may be only a draft. Refer to the product labels for more precise information.Following the Datalogic Memor in the compact segment of Portable Data Terminals, the Memor X3 mobile computer is Datalogic’s ultimate solution...

addition, a spare battery can be charged by inserting it into the slot at the back of the Memor X3 Single Ethernet Dock as shown in the following figure. Figure 2 – Memor X3 Single Ethernet Dock Charging and Communication LED INDICATORS The LEDs positioned on the front part of the Memor X3 Ethernet Dock

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The excellent ergonomics and low weight of the mobile terminal Memor X3 HC delights in the healthcare sector – just as much as the well thought out plastic housing which withstands regular cleanings with a variety of aggressive disinfectants. Datalogic Mobile Computer Cradles and Chargers