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Open Face Chinese Poker: Common Problems, Simple Rules Open-Face Chinese (OFC) has nearly as many combinations of possible board run-outs as a game of chess,and, similarly to chess, there are also many extremely similar problems that seem to come up ... Open-Face Chinese Poker by Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier, Part ... TonyBet Poker's Isabelle Mercier discusses getting to and staying in Fantasyland. Tonybet Poker ambassador Isabelle Mercier returns with more tips and advice for playing open-face Chinese poker. Hello again, everyone and welcome back to my “Open-Face Chinese No Mercy Little Guide”! In previous ...

Introduction Open-Face Chinese is the most popular form of Chinese poker. It’s an unusual one if you’re used to No-Limit Hold’em. First off, this game is not played for chips, but points instead. The most characteristic element of poker, betting, is also eliminated.

An Introduction To Chinese Poker - 888poker The game lived on as a side-game for years, and by the mid-2000s a variant of Chinese poker appeared on the poker tournament scene that has now taken it by storm. Open Face Chinese Poker is played with the same rules as Chinese poker, but players are dealt five cards face up, then deal the rest of their cards one at a time.


Kristy stumbles upon a game of Open Face Chinese Poker with Jason Mercier, John Racener, Chris Klodnicki, and Matt Glantz. They show her what Fantasyland is ... Welcome to Fantasyland ! - Home

10 Feb 2014 ... Open-Face Chinese Poker (OFCP) is a variation of Chinese Poker ... When arranging their cards in hands, the rules of regular Chinese poker apply here. ... Fantasy land is a special bonus that is given to players who form a ...

Open Face Chinese Poker can be played by two, three or four players, depending on the variation. Using a standard 52 cards deck, the goal is to place 13 visible cards ... Welcome to Fantasyland ! - Home Welcome to the official site dedicated to Open Face Chinese Poker. You'll find here everything you need to know about OFC, the latest trend in poker! Open Face Chinese Poker Online Games To Have Some Fun! Learn Open Face Chinese poker rules for online games and have some serious fun playing OFC pineapple with others in super easy games!