Silicon photonic slot waveguide bragg gratings and resonators

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A silicon photonic biosensor using phase-shifted Bragg

Label-free silicon photonic biosensors for use in clinical ... disks and slot-waveguide Bragg gratings, that have been designed and ... and Bragg grating resonators ... Improving the performance of silicon photonic rings, disks ... In this paper, we describe our efforts to improve the performance of SOI-based biosensors—specifically, TE and TM mode microring resonators, thin waveguide resonators, sub-wavelength grating resonators, as well as strip and slot Bragg gratings. Designing coupled-resonator optical waveguides based on high ...

Improving the performance of silicon photonic rings, disks, and Bragg gratings for use in label-free biosensing. Biosensing and Nanomedicine VII, 2014. Shon Schmidt. Lukas Chrostowski + 10 More. Shon Schmidt. Lukas Chrostowski. Samantha Grist. Daniel Ratner. Jonas Flueckiger. Valentina Donzella.

SPIE Digital Library Proceedings. 13 May 2015 On-chip silicon photonic thermometers: from waveguide Bragg grating to ring resonators sensors Thermally tunable ultracompact Fano resonator on a silicon ... promising photonic integrated platforms for low-cost, high-volume, and reliable manufacturing and for significant poten-tial integrating with electronics [8]. Numerous silicon-based solutions have been proposed to implement Fano resonators [9–13]. These solutions are based on slot waveguides [9], Bragg waveguide gratings [10,11], microring ... Samantha M. Grist - Google Scholar Citations

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Jul 7, 2015 ... Online course edX Silicon Photonics Design, Fabrication and Data Analysis. • Example .... Fibre grating couplers, resonators (rings, disks, waveguide Bragg gratings, photonic crystals) ..... Slot Waveguides. Broad-band. Publications – Integrated Metaphotonics Group

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Xu Wang - Google Scholar Citations Silicon Photonics Design: From Devices to Systems. L Chrostowski, M ... Silicon photonic slot waveguide Bragg gratings and resonators. X Wang, S Grist, ... Numerical analysis of a miniaturized design of a Fabry–Perot ... ... design of a Fabry–Perot resonator based on silicon strip and slot waveguides for ... The corrugated Bragg gratings and a cavity are structured on both sides of a ... The resonator based on slot-waveguide shows better sensitivity and figure of ... to find further applications in biomedical science and nano-photonic circuits.