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This week I will continue my informal series for new Star Trek Online ... New-user tips on Star Trek Online's duty ... many mission slots are ... Off Duty - Official Star Trek Online Wiki Dec 11, 2014 ... You can help the Star Trek Online Wiki by adding more information. Off Duty costumes, like uniforms, are items of clothing that you can ... Players are given one extra slot (beside the two uniform slots) for Off-Duty Clothing.

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Steam Community :: Guide :: A Beginner's Guide to Playing as the ... 2 Nov 2015 ... The first step into the world of Star Trek Online is to create a character. ... a mite by all the uniform options during the rest of the character creation process. .... Basically X is the number of remaining slots you have for weapons on the fore ... as well as traits, skills, duty and bridge officer abilities we haven't. Star Trek Online (Game) - Giant Bomb Star Trek Online last edited by Marino on 12/01/18 07:18AM View full history ... styles; also new "Off-Duty Uniforms", allowing players to wear more casual clothing. ... "perks" which had been unlocked, like expanded inventory and bank slots. Star Trek Online Veteran Rewards: Exclusive Titles, Ships, Emotes ...

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